Blue Raven Farm

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We have about 1.5 acres in production at Blue Raven Farm. Half of that space is allocated for a newly planted orchard consisting of apples, pears, plums, mulberries, figs, persimmons, quince, and cane berries. Our small flock of hens resides in this space, foraging freely on grass and produce scraps. The other ¾ of an acre is devoted to annual row crops and perennial herbs.

Our Farming Practices

We are dedicated to caring for our soil and strive to improve it with each passing season. Adding compost and keeping crop residues in place, support the soil biology which in turn supply our crops with the necessary nutrients they need. We do not use conventional tillage practices, nor do we apply harsh fertilizers, herbicides, or pesticides (organic, or otherwise). 

Our first two years on this land, we cleared blackberry and replanted with native plants on the periphery of our farm to help support wildlife and beneficial insects. We believe this is our first line of defense to helping crops battle pest pressure. 

Wherever possible, we procure seed that is locally grown. Crops varieties are chosen for their flavor and adaptability to our Pacific Northwest climate. We grow over 40 different crops and about 100 different varieties to create a diversified and delicious offering for CSA members and chefs.