• We provide reusable cloth bags for our CSA members for “loose” produce items. Each season we prevent over 1,000 plastic bags from entering our oceans and landfills.

  • Carbon Sequestration: We take pride in loving our soil as much as the veggies that come out of it. We do not till, plow, or harrow the earth, which keeps precious carbon in the soil, rather than escaping into the atmosphere.

  • Annual compost additions: supports soil microbiology, helping us grow healthy plants without the addition of harsh herbicides, pesticides, and fertilizers (organic or otherwise).

  • To date we have planted close to 1,000 Native trees and shrubs to help support pollinators and wildlife.

  • Our fruit trees utilize a swale system that helps keep water in underground reservoirs for the trees to drink from, reducing their supplemental irrigation needs.

  • We conserve precious water resources by using drip irrigation throughout the farm

  • We plant seasonal flowering cover crops to support a vast range of beneficial insects and pollinators

  • As an educational farm, we are teaching all of the above to the next generation of farmers in hope of creating a more sustainable future of food production.